Monday, November 1, 2010


first off, I apologize for the extremely BAD job I did of photographing this whole deal. where was my brain?

halloween started for us on thursday, with a MOMS club playgroup. layla was super excited to get to change into her cowgirl costume when she got home from school. I had gone to target earlier that day to pick up some pink boots to complete the look.

micah refused to put on his costume.

I forgot my camera.

friday, was layla’s class halloween party, so she got to wear her costume to school. then micah and I joined her for the party.

micah refused to put on his costume.

I forgot my camera.

friday night, there was the ‘monster mash’ at the school. shane offloaded himself to a friend’s house, and dave and I took the other two to the school. there was bingo and ‘dancing’ (aka: running around like crazy people hopped up on sugar in the gym), food (aka: sugar), and fun times seeing all the kids in their costumes. dave managed to stuff micah into his costume this time, but…

I forgot my camera.

sunday, there was a ‘harvest party’ after church, with food and games and costumes and such. shane decided to put on his (cop-out) costume; dave, once again, managed to stuff micah into his costume; and…

layla refused to put on her costume.

I, however, REMEMBERED my camera!

superman, fishing for pumpkins:007

non-costumed layla, cutting out her hand tree:008

superman, still fishing (he did this for at least 10 minutes!):009

#8, practicing soccer moves on a pumpkin:010012013

superman, checking out one of his prizes:016

superman, sampling a sucker and showing off his face paint:019

layla, playing bingo (she was kind of confused, you think?):023

and then, finally, trick-or-treating. everyone wore their costumes, with no major issues. the weather was perfect – no rain, not freezing, even got to crunch through piles of leaves on sidewalks!

of course, it didn’t occur to me to take any pictures until after it was all over and we were back at my parents’ house. they were all crazy-like, but hey, it’s a picture, right?030

I’ll do better next year…


  1. They are cute. I have been trying to figure out why Shane has those glo thingies around his head like headgear but figured that you had to be there. ;) Love Layla's face in the last picture.

  2. yeah, something about 'look! i have a purple retainer!' and not wanting to pose for a 'serious' picture. the first one (that i deleted) he had his face in his bucket like he was puking. 11 is super fun! ;)

  3. You had a busy Halloween! Fun times =D



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