Thursday, November 11, 2010

an author’s beginning

we all know that layla likes to draw and write, etc. her latest thing is writing books for her friends at school. I decided I’d better photograph them so, one day, when she’s a famous artist, I can sell these for millions of dollars and finally get rich off of my kids we can look back on how cute her first books were.

and then I figured that other people might find them as hysterical as I do… so here you go.

book #1: for megan, “kindergarten”025026027028

book #2: for ella, “dogs”029030031032

book #3: for lily, “necklaces”033034035036

book #4, for peter, “cars”037038039040041042

book #5, for lois, “princess” (not s.s. prince! LOL.)043044045046047048

book #6: for ben, “cars”049050051052053054055056

second installment coming soon, I’m sure!

what do you do with your day off of school?

1 comment:

  1. How cute! I love the imagination that kids have. I have scanned some of my fave art pieces in of the kids to save them. :)
    Lily will be so excited!



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