Wednesday, August 25, 2010

vacation–day 2 (tuesday, august 10)

okay, no offense to gramma and papa, but this was THE DAY that we had all been looking MOST forward to. tuesday brought the arrival of the illdaps!!!! it had been SO long since we’d seen them, and even longer since shane and layla had. layla was just beside herself with excitement to get to play with lily again!

of course, as soon as they arrived, everyone went straight into the pool!

daredevil lily:

CA trip 005

hannah (banana):CA trip 004

shane, air mattress surfing:

CA trip 007

jacob and micah checking out the little pool – not sure what was so funny…

CA trip 010

dave chilling and micah ‘driving’:


gramma jackie and matthew:IMG_0691

I think dave and I squeezed a trip to in-n-out fur lunch that day too! mmmm… double-double w/ grilled onions!

later that evening, we took a walk to the park.

long-lost cousins, reuinited:


gramma helping micah and jacob make it dig:IMG_0703

come on, uncle joe, it’s my turn!IMG_0705

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