Friday, August 27, 2010

vacation–day 12 (friday, august 20)

warning: WAY too many pictures! this was quite the eventful day! we drove back to the bay area to spend some time visiting with grandpa dick.

but first, we had to get the kids all lined up in their ‘matchie’ shirts that gramma jackie got for them! my kids, at least, are totally in love with those shirts. pink with sparkly hearts and rainbows for the girls – what’s not to love? and the boys have electric guitars. micah calls it his ‘rock star shirt’.IMG_0962after we got to oakland and picked up grandpa dick, we went to joaquin miller park for some sight-seeing and a picnic. we hiked down to the amphitheater first, to see the fountains and the view of the city below.

 CA trip 206CA trip 209

CA trip 208then we hiked back up the hill to the cars to get our picnic stuff.CA trip 222CA trip 223

then we hiked down a different hill to get to the place where we would have our lunch! it was quite an ordeal getting all of us, our food, our kids, our strollers, our toys, etc. down without killing anyone on the way! IMG_0973dave, the sandwich chef, and grandpa dick, being… grandpa dick.CA trip 231IMG_0978

after lunch, it was off to fairyland! it’s this great little amusement park based on fairy tales. the little kids thought it was great, and even shane had a good time.

CA trip 266of course, as soon as I saw that there was water attractions, I knew somebody was going in. sure enough, after exploring the pirate ship, there was this other little thing to go through that had ‘stepping stones’ to get across the water. as I was helping hannah across, micah fell in. nice wet pants, buddy. after we changed him, it was off to explore the little western town, the highlight of which was the little train that went by every few minutes. they were dying to ride the train!

CA trip 272CA trip 279CA trip 282CA trip 290

I was really excited to see this sign and know that, should I have desired to participate in this attraction, I would not have had to worry about the low head clearance!CA trip 289layla found a place to pose…CA trip 296the much anticipated train, or “jolly trolly”!CA trip 298dave took the boys in one car, and I got to take the girls.CA trip 307IMG_1029CA trip 240CA trip 314CA trip 328CA trip 331after fairyland, we went for dinner at this little mexican restaurant down the road and had some yummy burritos.IMG_1057apparently, dave ordered a whole “weaht” tortilla for his! Smile with tongue outCA trip 335and then came the depressing part. the illdaps were flying out EARLY the next morning, so that night was our last evening together. lily and layla were especially sad, and stayed up until midnight, cuddled up together. just seeing how sad they were was making all the rest of us even more sad. in fact I’m getting sad now, just writing about it! boo hoo!CA trip 341hannah and her godparents…CA trip 337layla and her godparents!CA trip 343

bye, mary, joe, lily, jacob, hannah, and matthew! we had so much fun and we miss you so much!!!!

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