Wednesday, January 6, 2010

knitted gifts

i had a few projects i managed to get finished (sort of) in time to give as gifts this year.

001 033

dave’s parents were the ‘lucky’ ones this year… his mom got the scrunchie hand warmers (that i finished the night before they left), and his dad was the recipient of the famous beer cozies! sadly, i don’t have good close-up pics of those. the red one is a rib pattern and the blue is cabled. he got to keep the beer too.

and then,

007at his request, i made this hat for dave’s birthday. my original attempt to knit in a USC logo was quickly abandoned after a couple of attempts proved that this was not the right yarn (or possibly, the right knitter) to be making that happen. he found this look on a USC website and asked if i could copy it.

i also made a hat for my aunt (to match the scarf i gave her last year), but i didn’t take a picture of it. oh well. it’s black, a basket weave pattern. i was bored to death making it, but it turned out nice.

that’s it so far… i’m still working on hannah’s present and i think it might actually turn out this time! ::fingers crossed::

will definitely post pics when it’s done!

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  1. great!! i love seeing pics! i'm finally attacking that tunic/apron i got yarn for to make for myself over a year ago - i started it and pulled it out 3x and have finally picked it up for a 4th go. Love Dave's hat!



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