Friday, December 18, 2009

if you teach your mother to knit…

…you might get an email at 2:58am that looks something like this:

“Dearest Daughter:

Are you supposed to have suicidal feelings when your knitting is not doing what it's supposed to do?

Is it all right if you ripped it all out and decided to start over just doing KNIT for the next few years?

Is it all right  to wake up your Dad and yell at him because he's sleeping through your knitting night-mare?

Other than that I feel fine--am going to bed--and plan to learn casting-on the first thing in the morning.

Love from MOM

P. S. Yarn does not go thru the paper shredder--surprisingly--neither do knitting needles ....”


  1. I now know where you get your sarcasm! :)

  2. Fantastic! Thanks for the chuckle!!
    I know of this great knitting club your mom could join ;)

  3. Hey Rachel,

    I thought the exact same thing as Angie. You and your mom are both hilarious.



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