Tuesday, June 2, 2009

micahisms – installment 1

since micah is now talking up a storm, i figured it was time to write some of this down before i forget.  he’s got lots of words, and several sentences, too, and like all of my kids, he never shuts up!it’s so cute (for now).

he has your usual:

mama, dada, ball, duck (although it’s usually ‘quack’), dog, ball, shoe (which also refers to socks), down (which also refers to up), kitty, boat (pronounced, ‘boap’), car, go, that… there’s probably more that i can’t think of right now, and he comes out with new ones daily.

there’s a couple funny ones that i think are really cute:

train = ‘toot toot’ and airplane = ‘whoa!’ i think because anytime he sees one in the sky, he points at it and yells, ‘whoa!’ but now when he picks up a toy airplane, he calls that ‘whoa’ too. pretty funny. and the ‘toot toot’ thing cracks me up. oh, and he still does the ‘fff, fff’ thing when he sees a dog. we haven’t determined if he’s trying to bark (as in woofff, wooffff), or if he’s trying to say ‘sophie’ (our dog’s name).  i think it’s the barking, because sometimes he’ll go and grab her mouth like he’s trying to move it to make her bark, all the while saying to her, ‘ffff, ffff. ffff, ffff.’

his sentences are pretty impressive. ‘i want that.’ (or i want ball, i want down, i want car… etc.); ‘what did you do?’ we get lots of ‘what’s that?’

that’s all i can think of for now.

(ugh. that post was a punctuation nightmare! hopefully it was somewhat readable!)

***edited to add*** i can’t believe i forgot about cracker! it’s hilarious, but i don’t think i’ll be too sad when he starts saying it the right way. right now, he just says ‘crack’.  and it’s really funny when he’s asking for one and says, ‘i want crack!’

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