Monday, June 8, 2009

just some old randomness…

i’ve not got much to write about right now. i’m fighting nature with my garden and for every victory on my part, some slug or rabbit thumbs their nose at me and i feel defeated once again. but i fight on. micah is getting 3 of his ‘fangs’ right now. i discovered this this morning when i became suspicious after he woke up screaming twice last night. tonight he went to bed doped up on tylenol and we’ll hope for a better night.

so i thought this lack of anything exciting would be a good excuse to post some pictures i’ve been hanging onto for a while.

this is an example of just how ODD my children are. this is the sort of thing they come up with to entertain themselves. yes, it’s probably dangerous, but they survived (as did all equipment used) and as you can see, they were having a great time.Picture 024 Picture 025 Picture 026Picture 029        in case you can’t quite make it out, that’s shane, riding layla’s teeny, plastic tricycle. he’s got a skateboard laid across the seat of the tricycle, that he AND layla are sitting on. his job was to peddle, her job was to keep her feet up and hang on for dear life! they totally crack me up!

and another example:           IMG_1539 IMG_1542        there is generally a lot of pulling and/or hauling of “vehicles”. that poor wagon! i can’t believe it’s still intact. it’s been around since shane was about micah’s age and has probably travelled more miles than my minivan, not to mention what it’s carried. most recently, i pulled about 15 HUGE rocks out of it. it was so heavy i could barely pull it across the yard. not sure of the brand… i think it might be ‘today’s kids’… at any rate, i’d recommend it, if you’re in the market for a wagon!

and then there’s the absolute BLISS of being a kid on a hot day with a sprinkler to run through!086 087 090 091 094  105 106

so fun!


  1. So sweet! I love the pictures of the sprinkler...Thats our girl! :)

  2. Kids keep it real...don't they?
    LOVE it!



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