Monday, April 20, 2009

weekend stuff

the pnw experienced a lovely weekend (yes, it is getting to be spring). i’d like to be able to say that we accomplished a ton outside, but not so much.  i started out good on saturday, working on the remaining 1/4 of my garden, but fizzled out and wound up taking a nap all afternoon.  dave, however, washed both cars and cleaned a lot of junk out of the toyota. AND he mowed the lawn.  3 weeks straight now, but it’s getting to the point where it might have to start happening twice a week… at least until july when it quits raining and the grass all turns brown. i’d love to be one of those people who watered and kept the lawn nice and green all summer… but green grass means you have to mow it, and it also seems like a silly waste of water/money.  then again, if i were the type to do that, i’d probably  be the type to rid the grass of all the weeds and moss that has invaded it too. much as i’d like to do that, i’m just not willing to spend the money on nasty chemicals… oh well, at least weeds and moss are green.  saturday night we had our first ever (i think) family meeting, to brainstorm some family ‘rules’ which desperately need to be established.  will follow that up soon and i’ll let you know what we come up w/ and how that all works out.

yesterday we did a kid swap w/ the hakalas.  they took sean home from church with them; we took robin home.  the ladies entertained themselves indoors and out, and then we all met up at marymoor for a picnic and play. it wound up being a bit of a long day for layla, who melted down the WHOLE way home. then dave had soccer and i had the distinct privilege of putting 3 kids to bed by myself! that’s always fun! before we left for the park, our neighbors were using their truck to pull out a bush. we joked about them coming over here when they were done and pulling out this dead lilac bush at the end of our driveway.  ann, the across the street neighbor, had said that she was going to have dave (her significant other) take his chainsaw to it.  we said, ‘go ahead’.  well, while we were gone at the park, they really did it! we now have a stump and a pile of branches in our side yard!  so now we have some work there, and a bunch of fire wood!  and hopefully, we can encourage some of the new growth around the stump to turn into a lovely new bush.

that’s it. it’s monday morning and i’ve slacked enough. time to throw the kids into some clothes and get on w/ the day…

(oh, and now i’m hearing layla down the hall in her sing-songy voice, “mooooommmmmmyyyyyyyyy…… come wiiiiiiiiiiiipe meeeeeeeeee!” … and thus begins another week.)

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