Sunday, March 1, 2009

good old fashioned, childhood fun

i just had the privilege of witnessing, quite possibly, the cutest thing my children have ever done.  yes, it was shane and layla. yes, they were playing together. no, they weren’t fighting.  so what is it that amicably playing siblings do on a rainy sunday afternoon?

they go fishing!

Picture 057  Picture 054Picture 053   Picture 048Picture 049Picture 051

i case you can’t quite figure it out from the pictures, layla is driving the car which is pulling the boat (cooler) on the trailer (wagon). on top of the car are strapped two fishing poles (sticks), which they used to catch fish in the pond (puddle).  when they arrived at the pond, they would unload their boat, climb into it and fish. the yellow bucket is what they put their fish in after they caught them. 

i was watching them out the front window (which is why some of the pictures are a little hazy), and kind of pieced together what they were doing as i watched them.  once i figured it all out, it was so heartwarming and cute it almost made me cry!  i love my kids… i guess they get to stay one more day.


  1. Oh for CUTE! Next time they are driving you COMPLETELY nuts...just look back on these pictures!

  2. This is why blogs are good. Now you have proof that your kids did do other things besides drive you crazy all the time. Way too cute!



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