Monday, February 16, 2009

meal plan monday

here we go again…

  • monday: upside-down pizza casserole; salad
  • tuesday: chicken w/ black beans and rice
  • wednesday: navy bean w/ ham soup; sourdough
  • thursday: chicken quesadillas; beans & rice; carrot sticks
  • friday: pizza; beans (PAPA JOHNS IS OPEN!!!)
  • saturday or sunday: ham & cheese scrambles; hash browns

monday’s and tuesday’s meals are new recipes out of a cookbook i got recently, but haven’t used much.  i never made the navy bean soup last week because we had a bunch of leftovers that needed to be eaten, so it got bumped.  and we’re going to be going tubing either saturday or sunday w/ friends, so we’ll eat w/ them after.

now my challenge is getting to the store.  shane’s off this week, so i didn’t have my usual shopping time when he’s at his morning class, and i HATE taking all 3 kids with me to the store even more than i hate going to the post office.

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