Monday, January 19, 2009

meal plan monday

yesterday, despite sickness, i did my sunday chores (one of which is making the meal plan and grocery list). so in an effort to celebrate how proud of myself i am, i'll publish, once again. (btw, please read excessive sarcasm into that last statement.)

monday: leftovers
tuesday: tacos
wednesday: chili and cornbread
thursday: oven swiss steak
friday: pizza and green beans
saturday: dave and i are going out, but i have a tator tot casserole in the freezer for the kids
sunday: waffles and sausage (last time i made waffles, i doubled the recipe, so i have a batch frozen)

given that i have only 3 real meals to shop for, the grocery list is pretty short this week. and i don't have to buy any chicken, which is always a money saver! i'll try to remember to take pictures of the chili and the oven swiss steak... i think they'll be the prettiest! and i'll take pictures of dave and i at the party... i'm sure we'll be the prettiest! HA HA!

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