Monday, January 12, 2009

meal plan monday

i'm stealing this from louise because i've thought it was a good idea and wanted to do it for awhile now and just haven't... but i've been really good the last couple of weeks about planning my meals and doing my grocery shopping, so now i can brag about it.  so here's this week's meal plan

monday: creamy italian chicken; noodles; salad (it's in the crockpot now!  yummy!)

tuesday: beef barley soup; sourdough (stole this recipe from holly and i'm excited to try it. i have some leftover pot roast in the freezer i can use up.)

wednesday: baked potatoes; salad (have some bacon in the freezer i'll cook and crumble, plus cheese, sour cream, chives, whatever.  the kids LOVE these.)

thursday: pork chops supreme; peas & carrots (found this recipe online - will report later on how we like it.)

friday: pizza and green beans (duh.)

saturday: mom's mac & cheese w/ ham; veggies (to be determined later)

sunday: breakfast sandwiches (aka: egg mcmuffins); hashbrowns 


and, since it's sitting in front of me, here's last week's menu...

monday: tator tot casserole (made 2 and stuck one in the freezer)

tuesday: ate at my folks'

wednesday: cowboy spaghetti; sourdough; salad (fyi, rachael ray has NO concept of time!)

thursday: broiled pork chops; rice; peas & carrots

friday: pizza and green beans

saturday: chicken/cheese enchiladas; spanish rice

sunday: breakfast scrambles; toast

if anything sound intriguing, leave me a comment and i'll be happy to share recipes.  pretty much everything is from scratch, and only a couple are mildly labor intensive.  (btw, i'm a lousy cook, so if i can do it, you can too!)

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