Wednesday, December 3, 2008

signs of christmas at our house

so i had this idea that i would post a picture every day of the things that are christmas here at my house.  i got all excited and went around taking pictures of stuff all over the place, but i will limit myself to one.  these are the things that i get excited about every year when i get them out of the boxes.  it's like, well, christmas!

so, to kick things off, here is today's selection:

Picture 031

yup, it's nana's advent calendar.  every year, dave's nana sends him (and each of his brothers) a little advent calendar.  you should see how excited he gets!


  1. I know. The kids LOVE the advent calendar. I thought about running out to get a second one so that they could each open one.

  2. How cute is that! My David would love to get an advent calendar...period! The kids get all the fun in this house. Oh...I will get him one....Thanks for the idea Dapelo Family!



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