Wednesday, December 17, 2008

i'm in love with the milk man.

just kidding.  but i just have to take a minute to RAVE about this. 

we get our milk delivered every week from smith brothers.  we love it.  it's great tasting, hormone-free milk that is delivered to your door. 

tomorrow is milk day, and our milk man, kasey has been coming earlier and earlier lately, often before i get up in the morning, and since our bill was due this week, we needed a little less milk than usual, AND i wanted to leave some christmas cookies for him, i wanted to make sure i put all that out before i went to bed.  so when i got home from stitch & bitch at around 12, i wrote a note and a check, and packaged up some of the cookies i made this afternoon.  as i opened the door to put the stuff out in the milk box, i hear a car pulling up in front of my house.  i look and it's the milk truck!  talk about timing!  and out jumps the milk man with our crate of milk and runs it up to my door.  i eloquently say, "wow, you're prompt", thinking holy cow it's the middle of the freakin' night, is this guy nuts?  and he says, "well, we wanted to get everything delivered before the big snow hits."  i came in a looked at the clock;  12:09am.


seriously, this guy is driving around in the middle of the night and it's well below freezing, there's already ice all over the roads, to make sure that everyone gets their milk.

that's awesome.


  1. I'm not sure how I feel about you being in love with the milk man and meeting him in the middle of the night with money and cookies while I'm sleeping in OUR bed!



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