Friday, December 12, 2008

another sign. my bad.

i've been neglecting this.  what's up with that?  well, layla's been sick for a week now.  low fever last friday night, and then nothing until sunday afternoon when she starts showing cold symptoms. nothing much until tuesday night when around midnight, there's the classic "my ear hurts" followed by 3.5 hours of whining and crying until i discovered that she can take the jr. strength motrin i give to shane (but only one tablet) and she FINALLY passes out on the couch. a trip to dr. in the morning, followed by a trip to the pharmacy and 2 days of sporadically napping, up and down fevers,and occasionally snapping out of it long enough to shove some nourishment into her takes us to today.  we'll see where we are now.  but dave's office christmas party is tonight and so she'll have to skip that, and we'll see what else comes of it.  hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon and she'll start to take that other foot out of the grave and act like herself again.  i have never known anyone who can get so completely wiped out by a cold. 

at any rate, enough excuses.  here's my pic for today and after this i'll have to take more pictures because i'm officially out.  but it's okay because we've done more decorating since i took the first batch and now there's more to photograph.  so without further ado...


i love christmas music.  i love charlie brown christmas, and the soundtrack is one of my favorites.  in fact, i think i'll turn it on right now.

...and layla just woke up whining about her ears... sounds like another fun day.

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