Monday, December 29, 2008

adjusting my attitude

this is something i tell shane to do all the time and i really needed to tell it to myself this morning. 

although i go through phases where i'm diligent and consistent about getting up early and taking care of pertinent chores, getting dressed, etc. i've been REALLY bad lately.  and it's not just the christmas break thing because i've been throwing myself and the little kids into the car in our jammies to take shane to school for a while now.  it's something that's really been bugging me, but it's just so easy to sleep as long as possible and then turn on the tv for the kids while i drink coffee and surf the internet wake up for 3 hours a little while.  i am aware that i really need to have some sort of a schedule and i need to adhere to it.

so after staying up past midnight reading a book about scheduling getting motivated, i vowed to get up early - before the kids - this morning and be all dressed and have some time to myself to take care of morning chores and possibly even do a little bible reading.  so i set my alarm and coffee pot for 6:30am. 

at 5:30am, my younger, evil, plotting, plan-foiling children woke up.  they did not go back to sleep.  needless to say, i was furious and very discouraged.  this seems to happen every time i attempt to establish good habits in this area.  so at about quarter to 7, i finally gave up on them going back to sleep and we all got up.

grumbling as i was pouring my coffee, i decided that the day was ruined and i was NEVER going to have any success because my children were plotting against me (complete with sinister laughter amongst themselves).


i decided to adjust my attitude.

so i drank my coffee as i made some oatmeal for the little ones and thanked God for their coughs and runny noses because if that's the worst i have to complain about, then we're really very blessed.  i got their clothes out and got them dressed, did layla's hair, and managed to keep them occupied until 8 when i let them watch curious george.  i also unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher.  shane was up too at this point and has done his chores and gotten dressed as well before i let him play some wii.

so it's really not so bad.  i'm off to get myself dressed and fold up some laundry.  we don't have any big plans today since the kids still have colds.  maybe i'll read some more about that schedule and how to handle it when your children won't sleep when they're supposed to!  oh, and i'll knit, especially since i had to give my aunt a preview of her christmas present yesterday since it's still not done.  PATHETIC!

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  1. Hey Rachel...I am really impressed that you have given this alot of thought and given the time of year, acting on it! I am so lazy right now...think I am in a rutt. Tried to touch my toes this morning and man it hurt...I am so stiff coz I am a lazy bumm! Gonna try and go for a walk today without breaking my neck on the slush! Humph!



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