Tuesday, November 11, 2008

doctors and words

micah had his 1 year checkup today.  he's apparently skinny.  what?  our child... skinny?  how could that be?

it only got brought up because he's no longer consistent with his previous percentiles.  i guess that means his weight gain isn't keeping up with the rest of his growth (and that of the other 99 lucky kids that get to make up the percentile chart).  so i guess i'm supposed to feed him more and higher calorie foods.  "no more fruits and veggies for you!  it's all bacon cheeseburgers from here on out."

at any rate, i think he'll live.

layla is seeing the allergist tomorrow.  finally!  i'm so excited.  not for the 2 and a half hour appointment that i have to keep micah entertained through and possibly watch layla get poked several times, but to finally find out what the issues are.  i'll definitely update tomorrow.

finally, and totally unrelated... i know i'm weird, but am i the only one who reads the random nonsense words they make you type when you leave a comment on someone's blog?  i just had one that said "misogyro".  it struck me funny.  then again, i read license plates too and i'm not talking about vanity plates.  i either read the letters on them, or i make them into an acronym.  for example, the letters on our van are VBT.  "very big transportation".  the toyota is VNK.  "very nice kids" or "very naughty kids", depending on the situation.  what can i say... i like words.  i like to play with language. 

what does your license plate say?

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  1. Our license plate says UOK. Not hard to turn that into something! And the number it starts with happens to be the area code from the last place in California we lived before moving back up here. Go figure!



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