Thursday, October 30, 2008

fun in chicago

on monday, which was our last night in town, we decided to stay at a hotel in chicago instead of getting up in the middle of the night (and make someone else get up too) to drive there for our 8am flight out of o'hare.  joe and mary (and hannah) drove us up and we all had some chicago style 'stuffed' pizza at giordano's.  this pizza was like 2 inches thick and there was so much cheese i don't even know where to begin.  at one point, joe drew our attention to the fact that he'd been spinning cheese around his fork for like 5 minutes and it was still coming.  i think he could have sat there all night and he never would have run out of cheese.  micah did a good job with his.  yum.

 Picture 137Picture 138 

Picture 139

after we ate, they took us to our hotel, the aloft.  dave found a deal on priceline, so we knew nothing about this place.  when we pulled up, there was loud techno music playing and i was a little concerned that it was going to be just a big party inside, but it was actually a very nice place to stay.  i took pictures in our room and you can see pictures of the rest of it here.  the whole thing kind of reminded me of an ikea showroom.

Picture 140 Picture 146

micah got a big kick out of the safe in the room.  he kept going back and we'd hear beeping as he was pushing the buttons.  then he went and unrolled all the toilet paper.  he had a good time exploring everything.

Picture 150 Picture 151

but we slept well, even with planes flying overhead, and we were able to sleep in all the way to 5:30 and take the shuttle to the airport.  we had an uneventful flight home - the best kind.  and micah was pretty good, considering.

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