Monday, October 6, 2008

did these people go to school? ever?

sometimes i am just totally flabbergasted by how horribly some people write. i'm not sure if it's just that spelling and grammatical issues come easily for me, or if other people are just really BAD! i find it to be the worst in product reviews online. this morning i was reading some reviews of a chest freezer i'm thinking of getting. one went on and on about the poor quality of the 'unite'. repeatedly using the word 'unite'. seriously, people!!! here's another thing i've noticed. it's always the negative reviews too. what's with that? are people just so pissed off about the bad product they just got screwed on that they feel the need to rant (without pausing for breath or editing) in a negative product review? or is it just that people with bad writing skills are more likely to be compelled to leave a negative review? or are people with bad writing skills more likely to get screwed with the bad product? i don't get it. but i do have to say that it's really hard to take it seriously when it's full of spelling errors and stupidity. and by stupidity, i'm referring to the reviewer who complained that after storing fish in the freezer, it smelled like fish...


  1. Took a minute for me to register that "unite" was supposed to be "unit."

    Reminds me of a student of mine who tried to get an essay past my desk with this word in it:


    I looked at it for hours before I finally figured out it was supposed to be "usually."

  2. LOL This is funny. I, being the nerdy linguist I am, especially enjoyed this posting. I love your trying to hypothesize the reasons for the terrible writing. I would think the same thing. Do people who are less educated tend to leave more negative comments than those who are more? OR DO these people tend to leave more comments in general? I think the fury also contributes some. :) haha In linguistics we studied quite a bit of how people revert to strong accents when they're mad or excited. They would normally try to hide the accents. They just can't help it. Maybe poor writers do the same.

  3. I'm glad you figured it out twinmommy. I'm not so good with grammer myself. :-)

  4. I always get a kick out of it, makes me laugh and feel superior. Very few chances of that in my , world, lol.

  5. Unfortunately, I think it's what you're born with. My brother's grammar and spelling are pretty bad, whereas I always had no problem with both. I wish England had spelling bees too, I'd have kicked some butt... wouldn't have known what the words meant, but I could spell them no problem :-) Btw, I had to laugh, because your post is devoid of all capital letters... still, the spelling's great :-)

  6. On a slant-- regarding how reviewers rate products: while researching FP Jumperoo for my son, I read hundreds of reviews on Amazon; even with the large number of reviews, the product had 5 stars. The one 3-star review that I recall was so-rated due to the reviewer's son loving the product SO much, he would bounce until he threw up.

    That still cracks me up...



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