Friday, September 5, 2008

it's all sorted out...

okay, with a little juggling and me feeling a bit sheepish and overwhelmed for a couple of days, we are back where we started with the whole preschool thing. layla will be going to the original co-op i signed her up at, 3 days a week. kat said she can still watch micah - at least until her baby arrives. but that gives me a couple of months to figure that out. yay. i feel relieved and i'm glad my flaky self was able to work this out. so my stern warning to anyone who has or ever intends to have children: do not get a degree in or study child development or early childhood education. it turns you into a total psychopath and makes it impossible to choose a preschool for your children. just now in this situation, i would love to just be a normal person for a while.

in other news. i'm now sick. i though i was safe from this whole hand, foot and mouth thing, but i guess i'm not. apparently my mom was wrong about me having it when i was a kid, or this is a slightly different strain and i've still got it. oh joy! the sore throat i complained about is still there, and i'm pretty sure it's just sores in my throat because that's what shane had and it doesn't feel like a normal sore throat. and yesterday i started getting spots on my hands and feet. it's great. they're like little blisters. very small, but it feels like i grabbed a cactus and stepped on one too. loads of fun. but i don't seem to have the fever that the kids (and dave) had and i'm really grateful for that. fevers suck.

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  1. I'm gald that's all settled, because I still have no idea what you are talking about.



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