Sunday, August 10, 2008

i feel so honored!

ok, so i am a regular reader of dawn's blog at 'because i said so' over there on my blog list. she's hilarious and has a following of like a bazillion readers because of her hilarious ebay listing of pokemon cards that got sneaked into her shopping cart while grocery shopping w/ her 6 kids. anyway, every sunday night she does the 'sunday sound out' where she answers questions that people posted as comments on her blog. well, one of mine made it this week! woo hoo! i feel like i got a letter from the queen of england or something. anyway, there were a bunch of pictures she took from a recent camping trip and one of them was of a particular sign that is quite obviously phallic and therefore hilarious. my comment, the picture, and her response follows...

OMG! the picture of that one sign has me ROFL. where was that and what was it 'supposed' to be a picture of??? i'm totally dying. my husband has to see that. LMAO.

Clearly, it's indicating you should wave your hand when the ultrasonic waves come out of the wall, then someone will pee on you. Or maybe it means that if someone starts peeing on your fingers, you should shake hands with the wall. Or perhaps it means you should try to catch the sound waves emitted from the wall before someone comes along and pees on your hand. At any rate, it's disturbing.


  1. The two of you have that same satirical quality that is just too funny!

  2. isn't that sign like the funniest thing ever? seriously. what were those people thinking?!



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