Monday, August 25, 2008

how 'bout that to do list?

okay, after a discussion w/ mary about to do lists, i decided to go ahead and 'publish' mine. check it out, it's over there on the right, below my blog list. i had one started in a notebook that i had made in response to something i read in 'the procrastinator's handbook'. the idea is to make a list that's 101 items long. anything you can think of. well, i don't have that many, but quite a few. i put an * by something if it's something that has been worked on but not completed and an X in front of it if it's done. so go ahead and kick my butt if you don't see any *'s or X's showing up.

in other news... now dave is sick. ::crossing my fingers::

1 comment:

  1. I feel like lists never end. I make a list get something done and five to ten more things need to be done. Good luck with your list



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