Tuesday, July 1, 2008

hair dilemmas

can it be considered child abuse to keep your kid's hair long and have to brush it out while they are screaming and crying every day? i wonder this because, although i totally love layla's beautiful long hair, it's really hard to put her through something that is obviously not to her liking for what seems like a silly reason. it's not like she seems to have an opinion on the matter... other than she hates to have her hair combed. i don't think she is even aware that there could be another option, except maybe if i would just leave her the heck alone. i guess this is kind of a rhetorical question, and somewhat irrelevant since it seems i already know the answer to my query. i just hate to cut it.

1 comment:

  1. Almost all little girls her age hate to have their hair brushed. It just is. I'd be willing to bet that even though she has no concept of an alternative, she will probably miss her hair if it were gone. Mackenzie did. Although she brought upon herself. She hacked a chunk off making it necessary to cut the rest to match. After "fixing" her hair she started crying and told me to put it back. Just some food for thought before you break out the scissors. And she hated (and still does) brushing her hair.



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