Tuesday, May 6, 2008

top 5 once again

5. microfiber cleaning cloths. i got a couple of these the other day for quick dusting and touching up the bathroom mirrors, etc. they're pretty cool. i did both bathroom mirrors and the windows in my living and dining room with just a damp cloth. no lint, no windex. i'm sold!

4. my local library. this area is blessed with a great library system. you can get any book you can dream of. if they don't have it at yours, they'll get it from another one in the system and send it to the library of your choice. i do all of my 'librarying' online because their website is so easy to use. i browse for books i want, place holds, renew books, etc. they email you when your books are in. if you don't use this service, you're crazy! our library rocks!

3. tully's. i love tully's coffee. i cannot express how much i look forward to 'heathen coffee' on sundays... especially now that we don't have to contend with the 'cranky old lady'. they make great caramel machiattos (or as gregg would call it, 'candy coffee').

2. robeez baby shoes. i know, this is so trendy i almost make myself sick. but they're so cute. these are the ones micah has right now, but they're getting too small. i think we're going for the baseball ones next. the don't fall off, and they are soft and not bulky, but they still look like shoes and not booties or glorified socks. i don't like putting rubber soled shoes on babies who aren't going to be using them to walk on, but some outfits don't look complete unless you've got shoes on. this is a good compromise.

1. pemco insurance company. no, i don't think they sell spectacular insurance or anything... we actually have state farm. but pemco has these hilarious ads lately that poke fun at northwest cliches... something i'm always a big fan of - usually because i can relate! check them out. they're totally funny! http://werealotlikeyou.com/


  1. My favorite Pemco: Walla Walla Wine Wine Woman Woman. Laughed so hard first time I heard it!

  2. i liked the roadside chainsaw woodcarver. i drive by one on avondale weekly!

  3. Our favorite Pemco commercial is the obsessive-compulsive recycler. Luke laughs out loud every time he sees it!



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