Wednesday, May 21, 2008

another top 5

1. adjustable waistbands. whoever invented this is brilliant! i love these things. i can actually get pants that stay up on my kids!!! i almost wish they had them for adults - i have such a hard time finding pants that fit in the waist and the butt at the same time.

2. yes, this is a repeat, but it's more of an update because these are the robeez baby shoes that micah has now since his fire truck ones got too small. dave picked these out and i got them on ebay for like $13.50...

3. yup, ebay. like i said, i got micah's shoes there recently and i love getting a bargain. i'm going to put his old ones up and see if i can't get something out of them. i could so easily be an ebay junkie.

4. adidas deoderant. i'm always searching for a good deoderant since it seems that as soon as i find one i like, it quits working. i need to mix it up i guess. i decided to try this one and so far, i'm impressed. it also doesn't have any of the aluminum stuff in it that gives you alzheimer's. who knows what the other stuff does. oh well, everything will kill you one way or the other, right? at least i'll smell good.

5. our doctor's office, pediatric associates in bellevue. these guys are great and it's so easy to get an appointment. you can always get your kid in the same day. not always with your doctor, but i've liked pretty much all of the doctors on their staff. they have like 5 locations in the area too.

1 comment:

  1. they do have adjustable waistbands for adults (the superior and lesser gender). Just thought I would clue you in on this invention for your next top five.



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