Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Top 5 (for this week)

i stole this idea from a friend and i think it's great! i guess the idea is to list 5 things that have recently impressed you... made you say 'wow'... or just something you're really into at the moment. so, without further ado (what is ado, by the way?), here are my top 5:
5. the seattle mariners. i love baseball. i love baseball season. i love ballparks, overpriced hotdogs and nachos, cheesy organ music, grass that's mowed in a pattern and peanut vendors that can toss their warm, foil-wrapped bundles with the accuracy of an nfl quarterback. go m's!
4. broiling meat. why did i never know about this before? it's so stinkin' fast!
3. strawberries. yum. dave accused me recently of liking strawberries more than sex... i responded that it would have to depend on the condition of the strawberries! btw, strawberries are the second most contaminated food... so buy organic!
2. thunderclouds, apple trees, flowering cherries and all the super gorgeous trees that are in bloom around here right now. as i drive down the road, i'm constantly commenting on all the awesome pink and white trees that are totally full of flowers. i also think it's pretty cool when they start to lose their flowers and it looks like the road got snowed on with pink snow!
1. 'unnecessary censorship' from jimmy kimmel live. dave and i stumbled upon this recently. OMG! LMAO! they have it on every friday night, but we never make it up that late. you can find it on youtube though, and we just sit there and try not to pee our pants!

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