Tuesday, February 12, 2008

vomit phobia

most people who know me relatively well are aware of my ridiculous fear of vomit. so essentially, the last year or so has been the embodiment of my worst nightmare. we have now embarked on stomach flu episode 4 of the last 13 months. is that not ridiculous? is that not excessive? what's the deal? should i be concerned? or maybe i'm just paying my dues. shane never had the stomach flu until he was 6, but now we've got it all the time. since may last year, he's now had it 3 times. between january and november of last year, layla had it 3 times, and now we're just waiting to see when she's going to come down with this latest strain. WHAT THE HECK! i never had it this often as a kid. maybe i was just lucky. i don't know. is this normal? how many times can you get this stuff in a certain amount of time before you should think that something is wrong? and how can you prevent it, if at all? i don't really think we have weak immune systems. the kids take vitamins, wash their hands before meals, eat decently, get enough sleep... what else can you do? i don't want to live in a bubble, but i don't want us to be sick all the time either. aaaaggghhhh!!!!


  1. It sucks when kids are sick...I don't know what is going on with your family. Maybe you are too careful. My kids are always dirty, washing their hands is like WW3, they don't take vitamins and never sleep and we have avoided the flu completely! ;) Anywho, sorry it sucks so much.

  2. you better knock on some wood, mary!



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