recipe disclaimer

first off, i am, by no means, a gourmet cook, or even a 'foodie'. i do not watch cooking shows or have any aspirations to become a 'good cook'. i have crappy knives and most of my pots and pans are not stainless steel. BUT, i have a family to feed, and i want to do it right. i try to do 'homemade' as opposed to packaged as often as possible. i like things to be relatively simple, have less than 100 ingredients, have mostly ingredients that i can pronounce the names of, and can find at my local grocery store. i like soups and casseroles and good old fashioned farm food. i try to find things that my whole family will eat, but with a 'chicken nugget and hot dog kid', that's hard to do. that said, i DO NOT make more than one meal per night. if my kids don't want to eat perfectly good food that is in front of them, oh well. they will not starve.

but i digress.

i am NOT a “by the book” cook. i have trouble following a recipe exactly and usually feel the need to ‘fiddle’ with it a little. if you have trouble with terms like “a bunch”, “some”, “a few good shakes” and the like, you might be frustrated by my recipes. i’ll try to be as clear as possible when it really matters!

for convenience, i have a list of links to recipe posts on the side bar.


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