Monday, April 20, 2015

project life 2015–week 16

sunday: baby mario & baby luigi are ready for breakfast. apparently micah built them high chairs.020

also sunday:  just hanging with my favorite girl and taking selfies. this was after she finished giving me a “fancy” new hairdo…


monday: not sure what possessed me, but I found myself obsessively thinking about fig newtons. hadn’t had them in years, and they weren’t that great. 022

thursday: more baseball.034

friday: layla was so desperate for a wrap bracelet, but they are too big. someone tipped me off that the larger size can go 3 times around a girl’s wrist. happy girl!046

saturday: contemplating whether or not my blades are salvageable, should I ever get around to buying new boots.2015-03-312

also saturday: sporting my own bracelet stack.


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