Monday, April 13, 2015

project life 2015–week 15

Easter Sunday!! layla sang and played bells with the children’s choir. she also had a solo with the adult choir. the piece was “mercy tree” and it was BEAUTIFUL. so proud of her!051

traditional afternoon egg hunt, set up by grandpa!2015-04-064

monday: shane and layla made chocolate chip cookies… well, layla did. shane licked spoons and ate dough.005

tuesday: ah yes, heat wave! it was a dry, sunny day. for me, that equals laundry on the line. apparently for layla and micah, it equals water play and sunbathing under umbrellas…?007

wednesday: the people who live across the street from my parents have free-range poultry of varying kinds. their guinnea hens can be found in all sorts of odd places, including the very top of their 2 story house.008

thursday: happy dog with TWO crusty casserole dishes to clean out.009

friday: micah, playing DS mariokart with an audience of his new stuffed baby mario and baby luigi.011


apparently porch railing = balance beam to this gymnast. and a shot of my dad’s gorgeous tulips. 003  065

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