Tuesday, April 7, 2015

project life 2015–week 14

sunday: the kids choir sang in church. yes, there are just 3 of them… started as 5, now we’re down to 3…066

monday: layla was sick last thursday and I made her skip gymnastics. so we were back at the gym on monday to do a make up class. I was impressed with the things this coach was having them do… handstands on the beam, roundoffs off the beam, etc… and then after the class, layla declared, “I hope I never have to go on monday again. it was awful. I felt like I was in a level one class!”… so apparently I need to pay closer attention to what she’s learning on thursdays.083

tuesday: trying out some different jewelry looks… totally loving the “love is patient” window frame with the wrap bracelet and the doubled up “over the heart” chain.2015-04-063

thursday: baseball!! micah’s first baseball game ever. his team is the white sox and he’s #41 there in the outfield. he had a good game, and had his first hit at his first at-bat!018

friday: money-pit dog is at it again! thursday evening, bonez was tearing around in the driveway and managed to tear one of he dew claws. so, a trip to the vet had them wanting to remove it, but they couldn’t do it right then. so they sent us home with antibiotics and pain meds (which, I’m pretty sure, make him sleepy), and we had to come back that evening. and then we went home with a bandaged leg and the cone of shame…2015-04-061

friday: oh, micah. he’s become obsessed with youtube videos of people playing mariokart. so now he makes his own… and narrates them… it sounds cute, but it’s really just annoying.042

saturday: free entertainment with the cone of shame. watching bonez try to center his food bowl under it so he could eat was hysterical. and then micah decided to wear the cone as a lampshade.2015-04-062


every monday morning, I come into my classroom to find that my automatic paper towel dispenser has barfed into the sink over the weekend. the thing is possessed.

also, there may have been a slight glitch with the library website. I swear I do not owe that much in fines!072 071

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