Monday, June 9, 2014

project life 2014: week 23

sunday: a rare sighting of the superhero “micahman” streaking across the backyard.195

(his power is using this wand to put storm clouds in the sky…)


monday: our caterpillar family is growing! we keep finding them everywhere! AND, a couple of the ‘boy’ caterpillars have already cocooned themselves.199

also monday: the long-awaited MOMS club fundraising dinner at teddy’s! my final job as the AVP.200

tuesday: shane was awarded “wolf of the month” at school and we got to go to a special award breakfast. so proud!202

friday: layla seems to have some mystery illness. no fever, but acting like it. lethargy, no appetite, but no recognizable symptoms otherwise.208

saturday: my kids (the almost 9 year old and the 6 and a half year old) got super excited to see this coin operated horse outside the grocery store. they BEGGED for quarters. I happened to have 2, and, just because it was so ridiculous, I let them ride. it proceeded to rock slowly back and forth for about a minute. I nearly fell asleep. they SWORE it was fun. 219

also saturday: and the weird no-fever fever is back. after swearing she was hungry and wanted dinner, she fell asleep on the couch. she woke up, noticed that we were all already done eating, and sat down to eat… where she promptly fell back asleep. weird.223

and a random skinny. I was looking for some sandals for layla and happened upon these across the aisle. I nearly died. baby girl shoes are the cutest thing there is in this entire world, and these were pretty much adorable. size 1. they were like 2 inches long. at $5, I nearly bought them just because.


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