Monday, March 10, 2014

project life 2014–week 10

sunday: dave was babysitting for F1 and F2 while amy and adam ran the hot chocolate 15k in seattle. just hanging out… with a dog on top of them…001 (2)

also sunday: while dave was gone, we were stuck at home (because my purse w/ keys was in the car my husband took) so I decided to use my ruined day to be productive and sort through layla’s closet and pull out all the stuff to be passed on. as usual, she has more than enough clothes for anyone, so we divide everything into two piles, one for rose and one for ella. we found it hilarious that toby decided to sort himself into rose’s pile… apparently he’s worn out on washington winter and wants to fly south.003

monday: totally worth documenting – this is layla’s breakfast. every. single. day. two packets of oatmeal, always the same two flavors. and they must be put into the bowl in the right order. maple and brown sugar on the bottom, and apples and cinnamon on top. then you add the water, but DO NOT STIR!!! seriously. if you want to see some early morning wrath on the part of this tiny 8 year old, just mess up her oatmeal…002

tuesday: I got to chaperone another field trip! this time, the 3rd graders were off to see a play of “Stuart Little”. Second time on a school bus this year for me!006

and at the theatre, waiting for the play to start. 008

friday: layla was invited to her friend’s american girl ‘glamping’ slumber party! seven 8 & 9 year olds, plus their AG dolls, camping indoors! she (and julie) had a blast (and took a 3 hour nap the next day). 033

saturday: you really can get 40mpg in this car! (assuming you fill up and get directly on the freeway!)038

and one skinny for the week:

a dent. yup, a big, ugly dent in the rear driver’s side door showed up after owning the car for a whopping 3 days. SO MAD!!!!


I just noticed that somehow layla is the only one of our kids who managed to get their picture taken this week. I swear the boys were here!

and that’s it! can’t believe we’re 10 weeks down in 2014!

shots of the pages:

spread of the week:064

left side/first half:069

right side/second half:072

toby had other ideas about me taking pictures of this week’s pages…062

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