Monday, November 4, 2013

week 44 in pictures

halloween week!

sunday: we were definitely in need of some pumpkins! after dropping a small fortune last year at the pumpkin patch, we vowed to buy our pumpkins at the store, and just go to the farm for the corn maze and the food. we never made it to the farm this year, but at least we got pumpkins.001

also sunday: why I never need to buy clothes for layla. our trusty hand-me-down source came through and it was like christmas!003

also sunday: tragedy struck! captain america’s shield got stepped on and cracked. daddy + superglue to the rescue.006

tuesday: where’s beatrice???  I made up a bed at my parents’ house and their cat refused to get out of the way… so I just made her into the bed. 014

also tuesday: micah’s latest tinkertoy creation = crutches.015

wednesday: gorgeous sunrise from my front porch.023

thursday: halloween playgroup after school for micah. lots of superhero representation. we felt very safe.033

also thursday: my 3 goofballs. captain america, ballerina, and mexican banana.


saturday: first red cup and first eggnog latte of the season! in the bleachers at shane’s final football game.068

also saturday: it was crazy windy/rainy. when we got home from the football game, we discovered the power out, a tree down at our neighbor’s house, and our fence blown over.076

also saturday: power still out at dinner time (and all night), so we had christmas dinner a la 2008… mac and cheese with peas and carrots.083

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