Friday, May 24, 2013


so, I know I haven’t done one of these in a long, long time, but I was suddenly inspired. no idea why…

at any rate, it’s friday, and here are my small squares for the week…



my breakfast. scrambled eggs with ham, kale, and spinach + a delicious smoothie. yum.


daddy got layla pink tulips for her first ballet recital.


post-morning run. ice, coffee, and {not pictured because it didn’t last long enough to get in the picture] bacon. 137

ballet recital take 2. I was the backstage mom this time. OMG. there were 4 different classes of little girls crammed in this tiny dressing room. like 40 girls and 3 moms. FOR THREE HOURS. oy! after it was over, dave and I went out and I had a BIG margarita.


we found this little frog in a bucket in our backyard, so we took him out in the woods where there is some wetland and let him hop away.


monday night, I got to take a free adult jazz class at layla’s dance studio. it was fun, but a bit odd because we had a lot of different skill/experience levels among only 4 students in the class and an inexperienced instructor who seemed a bit baffled with how to handle that situation. at any rate, I dug out my old jazz shoes which were probably purchased when I was in about 9th grade, as evidenced by the size printed on the inside. I do NOT wear size 5 1/2 anymore. thank goodness they’re leather.


the letter you really DON’T want to have come home from school. sigh.


one of my least favorite jobs to deal with. I never want to take it out. maybe I can delegate…


kitty in the window.


I was on the front porch, watching layla at the bus stop across the street waiting for the bus. toby was sitting on the windowsill watching this tiny brown bird which was blatantly hopping around on the ground right in front of the porch. cheeping and peeping and drawing all sorts of attention to itself. what a punk.


something happened to spring. it’s the end of may and my feet are back in my toasty uggs. this is so wrong.


micah loves the “food tables” at costco. we totally hit a home run yesterday because one of them was handing out ice cream samples!


my one and only impulse buy at costco yesterday… we’ll consider it an early father’s day present! so cute, and really, how much longer will she be interested in wearing jammies that say “I love daddy”. but she loves them for now.


a cold, wet, dreary day for a track meet, and shane stays til the very end, helping to clean up. of course he did. first he was pushing around a wheelbarrow, collecting hurdles. then he, and 3 girls, brought in the high jump landing pads. and then this. heaving a stack of chairs back to the cafeteria. that’s my pack mule.


not sure what possessed me, on the 23rd day of the month, to join up with the fat mum slim photo a day challenge. but here it is. interestingly, this is also what I was wearing to pump gas at 7:25am with all the guys in the landscape trucks at the gas station with me… I’m SO awesome.

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