Monday, November 19, 2012

week 46 in pictures

weird week for picture taking… definitely not sunday – saturday POTDs this time.

wednesday: layla’s corn teeth.004

friday: micah and toby snuggled up and enjoying some of the dregs of the halloween bucket.018

friday: micah discovered that he can make his chin “all bumpy” just like mine. so we had fun making ridiculous faces in the mirror trying to make our chins bumpy.035

friday: shane rediscovered a map he had drawn of a town he’d desingned in like 3rd grade or something… and then played with it. it has made a couple of appearances since, in his room.024

saturday: hard to tell, but layla spelled her name with some random items that she used for a scavenger hunt she put together for micah and i.036

saturday: the jazz band had a performance in the afternoon at the northshore jazz festival. bad, blurry picture, but shane is the second from the right on the top row.045

micah made a ‘dunk tank’ and layla had to take a turn sitting in it. nice face.026

and a few instagrams. 


{book shots will be added later}

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