Monday, November 26, 2012

thanksgiving ‘12

thanksgiving was fun this year. it was very exciting to host in our new house! my parents came over, and the fixings were a division of labor of sorts. they brought and cooked the turkey, which was stuffed with stuffing that I made. my mom made sweet potatoes, and I made mashed. I made green bean casserole, she made cranberry sauce. my dad made pumpkin pie, and I made apple…

the night before, we made our pie. shane helped me with the peeling, slicing, and mixing up the filling. layla helped me with the crust (sorry, it’s from a package). she did the crimping herself. it was quite pretty!029

the next morning, I got right to work on the stuffing, so when my mom arrived, she got busy stuffing the turkey.042

layla helped me set the table (our first time using my mom’s china), and made hand turkey place cards for everyone. I showed her how to fold the napkins and she made table tents for everyone.043

while waiting for dinner to be ready, we had snacks and tea! layla was very excited (as were my mom and i) to have real tea in real tea cups! layla wound up not liking the tea, and I caught shane sneaking sips out of her cup, but he wouldn’t let me take a picture.044046049

and more waiting… purina dog show and cut the rope.050

finally, we ate!053054

even micah, who was required to take a bite of turkey and a bite of potatoes… you can see how excited he was about that. but he liked the cranberry sauce a lot.055

after dinner, we played a hilarious game of apples to apples.015

and then my mom and I played scrabble.016

we had a really fun day and lots of great food. but I’m most thankful for who I got to spend it with.

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