Monday, November 12, 2012

sunday school behavior problems

so, I have a problem. (no, it’s not MY behavior that is the problem.)

I am the preschool/kindergarten sunday school teacher. this means that micah is in my class.

micah, apparently, is less than thrilled with this arrangement.

EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. he is a problem.

he is uncooperative. he will not sit like a normal person on the rug when it’s lesson time. he will not participate.

basically, he lays on the floor and pouts/whines, the whole time.

I could just ignore it, which I do, except that 1) I would like him to actually LEARN the sunday school lesson, and 2) we’re dealing with little kids here who are easily distracted and/or influenced by his bad behavior.

I have talked with him about this almost each and every sunday, explaining what I expect from him, etc.

it has not helped.

so I spoke with his preschool teacher, to find out if this is typical behavior for him.


at preschool, he’s apparently one of the most ‘with it’ kids in the class. participates, raises his hand and answers questions, sits when he’s supposed to, is quiet when he’s supposed to, etc.

so it’s me.

I’ve asked him about it, and he says he doesn’t like having me be the teacher.

so what do I do here?

I can’t have him keep acting this way.

and I want him to have a good time in sunday school and to learn what the lessons are. if this is making him miserable, I want to respect that. however, if you know anything at all about sunday school, you know that teachers are in short supply.

anyone have this experience?

anyone successfully solve the problem?

help me out here.

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  1. Ask if you can teach a different class? Perhaps he just doesn't like having mom in there with him. Some kids think only other people can teach- not mom. Of course Mom isn't a teacher! bawahaha.. GOOD LUCK! My kids did the same thing at his age.



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