Monday, October 1, 2012

week 39 in pictures

sunday: dave and I took the littles to the park for a picnic after church. we ate lunch, they played, a crow stole dave’s cheese, we looked at the ducks, no one fell in… a success.2012-10-01

monday: these two were cracking us up at my aerobics class. heaving super heavy 2 pound weights up into the air!014

tuesday: micah set up an obstacle course for himself during layla’s soccer practice.022

wednesday: shane’s first cross country meet of the year.034

thursday: micah, playing vet. his bear was very sick. I’m happy to report that, after putting him to bed for the night, he was all better in the morning! way to go, dr. micah!038

friday: checking out the horses.2012-10-011

saturday: micah and my dad, making a pile of ‘turf turds’ during layla’s soccer game.068

and some extras that I’m going to stick into the center slots. 1. micah took a bath in the sink again on sunday afternoon. 2. cheering shane on at the cc meet. 3. bad picture micah took of me pulling my blackberry crisp out of the oven. 4. pretty fall tree in the school parking lot.004 036  067 001

and the instagrams…


book shots: 029028

and that’s it! linking up again for project life tuesday at the mom creative.


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  1. Looks like a fun week. I'm so happy the bear is feeling better!



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