Friday, September 7, 2012


somehow or other, this week is pretty much over and it’s friday again! our 3 day weekend was crazy, school started this week and it’s been a marathon ever since! I’d like to say the weekend will be relaxing, but I’m doubtful of that. but, it’s friday, nonetheless, and here I am linking up my instagrams.


our freezer went out. it had been being very finicky for about a week. it would quit, then it would work. then it would quit. etc. I had already moved anything that was meat or vitally perishable out to the spare freezer in the shop, but I finally made the big move. I packed up my ginormous costco bag with everything that was left in the freezer and moved it out. we had a repairman out on saturday and it was just a broken thermostat, so it was an easy fix and my food is happily frozen and IN the house!034

I find toby like this all the time. there’s a window at the bottom of the stairs, so there’s frequently a sunny spot somewhere on the stairs where he’ll curl up and take a nap. a few hours later, the spot’s gone, but he’s still there.036

ugh! micah’s favorite shirt in the world. it’s old, stained, and the print is flaking off of the bottom alligator/crocodile/lizard (he changes his mind about what they are frequently). so ugly! every time I pull it out of the dryer I think I should just ‘misplace’ it, but I’m apparently too nice, because it keeps finding it’s way back into his closet (and immediately onto his body).038

a couple of interesting lego creations I found in the play room…040041

my dad brought me a bag of gravenstein apples off the tree in his backyard. I found the bag he chose to transport them in to be kind of funny. I’m pretty sure he didn’t do that on purpose.043

ah yes, the game of “wine cork football” lives on. this little game was invented by my husband and our good friend cole during an evening visit a couple years ago. I’m not sure how it came about, but basically, the object of the game is to try to blow the cork toward your opponent and between his two ‘goal posts’… clearly, it makes a lot more sense if the bottle the cork came out of is empty… and no, my children haven’t been drinking. ;)046

we went paint shopping on saturday! we were supposed to paint the kids’ rooms after christmas. but then we decided we were going to move, so that obviously didn’t happen. FINALLY! layla wanted pink, micah wanted blue. 049

getting started on micah’s room first!053

micah wrote a story. I asked him what it was about. he said he didn’t know.082

reading rainbow fish.     083

I joined up with a photo a day prompt for september. day 1. you. now. 089

anniversary dinner at purple cafĂ©. I had the ‘citrus and spice’ flight of white wines. they were good. and helped my sore feet.096

day 2. father. this is not MY father. but it’s my children’s father. I kinda like him. a lot. ;)            098

I enjoyed the flight…100

day 3. far away. mt. rainier in the distance.101

monday morning. LAST day of summer. enjoying some lazy morning cartoons.114

layla’s signage outside her room.133

prepping layla’s lunch.135

day 4. in your mailbox. these were invites to my sunday school students.137

day 5. bright. yes, layla’s room is bright. very bright.029

in the spot of sunlight on the stairs. ahhh to be a cat.031

my clingy people dog. she follows me around and likes to plunk herself down wherever I happen to have landed. in this case, I sat on the stairs for a few minutes while looking up something on my phone. it was quite amusing watching her get into this position, and she did not look very comfortable.034

anniversary bouquet.042

day 6. ever day. yes, my cat sits on the window sill and plots his escape attempts every day. he so wants to be a real cat…044

day 7. natural. some red cabbage, cucumbers, and pole beans growing in my garden… yummy. I probably have some to harvest now.049

um. that was a LOT of pictures.

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