Wednesday, August 22, 2012

what I wore wednesday

another week of trying to avoid fashion tragedies… was I successful?



  • tank: target
  • shorts: walmart
  • earrings: walmart
  • necklace: ?? maybe fred meyer (it’s really old!)
  • dog bed: came with the dog
  • hand-held vacuum cleaner: costco (came with the upright)

first off, this outfit sets some sort of record because every thing I’m wearing was purchased, by me, new. shocking! 058

I rocked hosting craft club in this outfit, as well as soccer practice drop off.

friday:    062

  • tank: thrifted
  • capris: gap, via thrift store/personal alteration
  • sunglasses: ross
  • laundry basket: no idea
  • cardboard box flap: holding knitting stash/supplies via moving and not having unpacked all of that yet…

in this outfit, you can totally clean up 2 nasty doggy-with-the-runs accidents while keeping control of your gag reflex, take your kids shopping for school supplies, spend an arm and a leg and then hyperventilate about your missing arm and leg, and brown ground beef on your back porch because it’s 90-something and your kitchen is already hot enough!019

but that’s just bonus points…


  • top: handmedown
  • capris: handmedown/personal alteration
  • belt: so old I don’t even remember – but I love it. it’s one of the few leather belts I’ve ever found that is flexible enough for me to wear. most are stiff, which does not work on my body. I am FAR from straight up and down in that section and stiff leather belts seem to want you to be. if I try to wear one of those, the bottom of it cuts into me and the top of it stands out a mile from my waist, pulling the back of my pants out with it. NOT a flattering look…
  • skate necklace: mommy and daddy
  • little pink pompom: my craft-obsessed daughter (possibly, with help from the cat…)

in this outfit you can do…… apparently nothing. I have no recollection of what I did on saturday. I know my big boys went to the sounders game, and my parents had some work done on their house, as for what I did? no idea. I think I may have worked in the garden some.

sunday:   076

  • top: thrifted
  • skirt: jcpenney (via my husband who picked it out for me. he has good taste [almost] always… [ahem… coughcoughbrightorangeSFgiantstshirtcoughcough])
  • shoes: ross
  • necklace: gift from my mom – purchased in cancun
  • earrings: (irrelevant because you can’t see them) target

you can TOTALLY be 15 minutes late to church in this outfit! you wouldn’t believe it, but it’s true. you can also attend your husband’s company picnic and play a mean game of corn hole in this outfit… I did switch into flip flops for that part, though.

monday:  014

  • tank: j crew via thrift store
  • cami: handmedown
  • pants: handmedown
  • necklace: was my grandmothers (I have earrings to match, but they are currently residing at my cousin’s house, where I left them last christmas.) it was on a loooong chain, but years ago, I put it on this velvety choker. when? oh yes, that was for my senior year homecoming dance… eek! I won’t do the math and figure out how long ago that was… that would just be depressing. (I actually just went looking in my picture files for my homecoming picture that year… I thought I’d scanned it in, but sadly, no. that would have been funny, though.)
  • lack of vacuum cleaner, laundry basket, or cardboard box??? yeah, that would be all me! mostly, thanks to taking this ridiculous pictures of myself and having to SEE that which you can easily NOT SEE because it’s there every day and tends to fade into the background! and yes, I actually unpacked the box. my kids are currently using it as a fort/pet crate/bed/etc.


you can do a major grocery store/costco run in this outfit, and stop at petsmart so your kids can watch dogs getting groomed, ooh and aah over the rats, guinea pigs, and hamsters, and explain that no, we will never, EVER have pet fish, and pray they don’t want to go to the reptile section where they always seem to have a ginormous tarantula waiting to reinstate the heebie jeebies I have finally gotten over since the last time I was forced into that section... not overly exciting… however, I really like this outfit. it’s reminiscent of the mid 90’s – the era I’ll forever be stuck in. I think I wore something almost identical to this to one of several ‘end fest’ concerts back in the day. hey, we all get stuck somewhere… it could be a LOT worse! do you not have a sudden urge to listen to stone temple pilots right now? I love pairing something really feminine (like pink and lace) with dark, camo utility pants… oh, and you know I totally rocked the saltwaters with this.

tuesday:   025

  • top: ross
  • capris: handmedown
  • flip flops: kohls
  • jewelry: see above blue stuff
  • coffee cup: (well, really, it’s more of an appendage than an accessory) gift from a friend

good for general kid dropping/fetching, praying that you don’t run out of gas on the way to the gas station (thank you, God!), tidying, blogging (that would be right now), and so much more!

oh, and a general announcement. next tuesday, I have an appointment with my totally awesome hairdresser to WHACK off my hair! EEK! well, I have a whole week in which to chicken out, but the plan right now is at least 10 inches so I can donate! yes, I’m very nervous. people don’t understand why haircuts are traumatic for me. I almost never get JUST a haircut. maybe a trim here and there, but generally, when I cut, I REALLY cut. so it’s kind of a big deal. I keep telling myself, “it’s just hair!”

that’s it! happy wednesday, everyone! what are YOU wearing!

hop on over and check out what lindsey (she’s so cute! I want her entire closet.), and everyone else, is wearing over at the pleated poppy!

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