Monday, August 6, 2012

week 31 in pictures

nothing for sunday.

monday: layla and micah have been into ‘fencing’. they dug these dowels out of the shop. of course, as soon as they start, there are a couple ‘taps’ and then layla runs and micah chases.002

tuesday: layla decided she wanted to make treasure maps and hide ‘treasure’ for micah. originally she wanted to do the whole neighborhood, but I managed to convince her that just the yard would be sufficient. micah’s treasure was marbles, which she hid in a sandwich box marked with an X.022

also tuesday: check out my boys snuggled up together… awww…029

wednesday: layla helping make pancakes for dinner. she’s getting to the point where she can crack eggs without it being a major disaster!056059

thursday: at some point in the afternoon, layla and micah both decided they wanted to paint. I avoid actual paint like the plague, but watercolors (or even better, paint with water) is pretty harmless.







also thursday: this is an example of what layla and micah’s closet looks like EVERY DAY. there is a laundry basket in there. you can even see it in this picture. yet it’s apparently too far away for them to actually put their dirty clothes into it. ugh!060

friday: back to the beach to play and watch the blue angels practice! a bunch of friends were there and the weather was beautiful. they had a blast playing in the sand and swimming. 0862012-08-0672012-08-068

saturday: on a trip to home depot to buy a door knob, we came out with a 7 piece outdoor dining table and chairs… and then we tried to shove the 2 enormous boxes into our van, with 2 kids in the back! it was quite comical, but by ditching one of the boxes, we managed to make it all fit.2012-08-065

and the little squares…


book shots:062060

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