Monday, August 20, 2012

dave’s company picnic–2012 edition

every august, dave’s company hosts a picnic at a local park. there is food, a bouncy house, games or toys or something like that for the kids, etc.

we went right after church on sunday.

the littles hit the bouncy house straight off, and then discovered the table full of kites they had out for the kids. seriously TONS of kites. so we assembled one for layla and figured we’d all go fly it. it wasn’t exactly windy. shane had a little success, as long as he kept moving. but then layla wasn’t so thrilled because he had commandeered her kite. I kept asking if he wanted his own, and he kept saying no… eventually he gave her her kite and wandered off. when I asked where he was going, he said, “to get a kite.” alrighty then.027

it took a few people to get the kite up, but they had fun… well, mostly. micah was pouting about wanting HIS own kite, so he and I went back to the table and assembled one for him.030

micah was not particular about the specifics of getting it aloft and making it stay up there… as long as he was running and it was up in the air behind him, he was “flying a kite” and happy as could be!034

he even wanted to go fly his kite with shane.035

after we ate, we played some corn hole. we were introduced to corn hole in ohio, where most of the backyard corn hole sets have ohio state paraphernalia painted all over them…038039041

here, not so much. this is an engineering firm dave works for, so everyone is a washington state alum. 044

there were also bubbles for the kids and sand pails and shovels. once again, shane and the littles went out to the beach to play in the sand. once again, shane did not want his own bucket. once again, he commandeered his sister’s… 046

and then it was time to come home and let the dog out of the shop.

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