Monday, June 4, 2012

mt. si!

on sunday, I FINALLY did something I’ve been wanting to do for (literally) decades. yes, with an S, decades.

mt. si is one of the foot hill mountains of the cascade range. the trail to the top is 4 miles. we ditched micah, knowing he would not be able to do it all on his own, but the rest of us went. layla was very excited. of course, she burned out pretty quick and required a lot of encouragement to finish out.

starting out, we had to find someplace to park. the lot by the trailhead was full, and required one of those discovery passes anyway… and there were no parking signs all up and down the road. we finally found one stretch that had two signs on either end of it saying no parking west of here and no parking east of here. I even pulled up the compass on my phone to make sure we were facing the direction we thought we were. these pictures were taken just in case we got towed! (we didn’t.)


snack break. lovely picture of all of us munching on some jerky.030029

view from the top. even though it was cloudy, the view was very impressive. 036

even though layla was SO tired and couldn’t walk any further… the second she got to the top and saw the pile of rocks you had to climb to get all the way up, she was climbing up like crazy! we stopped up there and had a snack and enjoyed the view before huffing it back down.040

we had a late lunch/early dinner when we were done and then had a celebratory ice cream cone before heading home.045

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