Saturday, March 3, 2012

how to make a bad situation worse:

around 7:30 on thursday evening, we had a situation like this:006 not a good scenario.

about 2 hours later, we were in this situation:008 awesome, right? so how do we get from point A to point B?

like this:014 see the awesome metal ‘edge of death’ on that bowl? yeah. that’s the weapon. in my effort to speedily get the bowl under layla’s face, I actually HIT her in the face with it, and the edge SLICED her upper lip open. yup. right open. it was NOT awesome.

I freaked out, of course. she’s still in the middle of feeling terrible. dave was not home yet from a meeting. yeah. mom is majorly freaking out.

fortunately, dave walked in the door just as I was sending the “GET HOME NOW!” text.

it wasn’t really bleeding a ton, but it was obvious that this was not a band-aid situation. so I called my dad to come and stay with the boys while we took her in to the ER. it’s very nice to have an older kid, so we didn’t have to wait for him to get there before we could leave. but not knowing how long it was going to take, I didn’t want them alone at night.

layla was feeling terrible, still throwing up, and now, of course, terrified!

I was worried and feeling just awful. how did this even happen?

at any rate, the ER was empty, which was awesome.

it took awhile to get her to stop throwing up, so they could actually work on her. she wound up with an IV because the anti-nausea pill didn’t work.

finally, she got all numbed, cleaned, and stitched up. 4 stitches in all.012-003 she was very brave through the whole thing. amazingly brave.

this isn’t the best picture, but you can see the stitches here. she was sleeping, and has definitely not felt like posing so I can take a decent picture, and I don’t really feel like pushing the issue…015-002 she’s recovering now, but slowly. she still won’t eat much, and is pretty much planted on the couch.

stitches come out on tuesday.

and those bowls are being retired as barf bowls.

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  1. You know Rachel, that could have e have been any one of us.We all remember grabing the nearest dish or bucket, when our child is throwing up.It's called being a good mother and Lala knows you are the best.



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