Friday, January 27, 2012

micah’s first day of preschool!

so, micah FINALLY started preschool yesterday! he was supposed to start a couple of weeks ago, but first, the teacher asked us to wait until the following week because her assistant was sick (and there would be too many kids). then it snowed for a week and school was closed. so he should have started tuesday, but I found out that the class (which he had never met or been to) was starting the day with a field trip to the fire station. not that micah wouldn’t enjoy the fire station, I just thought it would be a very weird way to start preschool for the very first time, AND I had to be someplace at the time I would have had to be at the fire station with him…

so, we waited until yesterday. he was very excited (in a typical micah sort of way) and was all over it when we got there. he washed his hands like he was supposed to and found something to play with. I had to force him to say goodbye to me and give me a hug… no anxiety issues there. he was not so enthusiastic about taking a picture, so this is what we got:002

at any rate, he was all smiles when I came to pick him up. the teacher said she hardly knew he was there. he just went with the flow. found stuff to do, cleaned up when he was supposed to… nothing major to report! they made ‘snowman soup’ (hot chocolate mix with marshmallows), which they put in bags to take home. his siblings were very appreciative of this!

I celebrated a little by going grocery shopping alone, sitting in starbucks and reading a book alone, going to target alone… you get the idea. on tuesday, I’m already planning a trip to the post office… ALONE!

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