Tuesday, November 1, 2011

layla’s class halloween party

well, monday was supposed to be different than it was. I was intending to have to find childcare for micah for the entire afternoon while I attended back to back class parties at the kids’ school. but instead of going to school, wearing his banana costume, and bouncing off the walls with a bunch of other 6th graders hopped up on sugar, shane spent the day doing this:017 yes, that’s a blanket, a recliner, a bowl of chicken soup… and a cat. yup, shane got ‘the heinous cold’ and had to miss school.

but, because he was home, and not asleep or terribly miserable, I was able to leave micah with him and attend layla’s class party.

first off, I’m furious with myself about the crappy pictures. I left my camera at home, and had to use my phone. ugh!

here was the list of what everyone in the class was:008 (3) layla is #13!

they had different tables set up with crafts and fun stuff for the kids to do. it was so much fun. it’s the first time I’ve managed to be in her class this year.007 (2)

this was a bouncy, gumdrop/pipecleaner spider craft. her spider is the grean and orange blur in the middle.011 (3) and of course, cookie decorating.014 (2) the whole class:016 (2) and a fun little tidbit I noticed at the top of the bulletin board:013

when the party was over, school was over, so I brought her home. she was very happy to be “parent pick-up” instead of bus, because the bus riders had to change out of their costumes and she didn’t want to. it was a super fun time with just layla!

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