Saturday, October 15, 2011

pizza night and happy birthday to my mom!

I inherited a tradition from my parents. every friday night (since I was a kid) has been pizza night. every now and then we have varied it because of different things, but for the most part, we eat pizza, at home, on friday nights. the second part of this tradition is that we eat green beans with our pizza. apparently this is weird. honestly, I find it weird to order buffalo wings with your pizza. or breadsticks. pizza is mostly bread. why do you need MORE bread??? but I digress. we eat green beans with our pizza. when I was living at home and would have friends over for dinner on friday nights, they learned to expect green beans with their pizza. I imagine my kids’ friends are in the same boat.

at any rate, over the last month, we’ve been getting together with my parents for pizza night. I can’t even remember why it started. we just decided to invite them over one night, and then they said we should come over the next friday to their house. so we did. and now we’ve gone back and forth a few times, and we all love it! I can’t think of anyone I’d rather eat pizza and beans with!

so anyway, thursday, the 13th, was my mom’s birthday. since they were coming over on friday anyway, we had a little party for her.

shane, lighting the candles on her birthday dessert.001

the kids were very insistent that the lights had to be turned off. this picture makes it look like there are a LOT of candles on her cake! hahahaha! 004

grandma, with all her grandkids!007

and, with toby, who looks HUGELY fat in this picture. he’s really not. 011

oh, and if you look up in that picture of my mom w/ all the birthday candles, you can see a little knitting project off to the side. that one’s mine, but I gifted her with a snazzy new project (identical to what I’m working on there) made with ‘flounce’ yarn. check it out here on kate’s blog! I’ve since finished mine, and will have to take some pics and post about it soon.

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