Tuesday, October 18, 2011

micah’s birthday

warning: photo heavy!

micah flashing 3 for the official ‘last day to be..’ picture the night before his birthday:022showing 4! after my exercise class, he wanted to go for some hot chocolate, so we had a little starbucks date:024after that, he wanted to go to the park. we ran into some friends there:026then it was off to mcdonalds for lunch:028daddy brought home some balloons for the birthday boy after work:032grandma and grandpa came over for birthday dinner. layla and grandpa, fooling around:033grandma, working on her new knitting project:034a little birthday skype w/ gramma laurie:035time for dinner. pancakes and sausages, his choice. we put the candles in his pancakes and sang, since we won’t be having his actual cake until sunday:040officially 4 years old:042present time! layla picked out this shirt for him:048and, she made him ‘a computer’. I think he was more excited about this than the actual present! LOL.058super excited about the play-doh ice cream maker from grandma and grandpa. he’s had his eye on that for a long time.051some monster trucks and a shirt from auntie marge:061along with some bubble wrap!066and then there was “all the jammies”. I thought I was being clever by killing two birds with one stone. he needed jammies for winter. he was having a birthday. so I made them a present. he was less than excited with “all the jammies”, but mostly because he wanted to get to……067this one! the BIG present!068this one was met with a little more enthusiasm!072and then everyone had to help put it together… micah was ready to play, even if it was just with one ramp and a car:075putting on the final touches:076layla, showing grandpa how to play the “perry the platypus game on her cardboard DS”. grandpa is such a good sport!081and then we had some ice cream. so did toby:086well, he got to lick out the bowls. so funny.089micah, grandma, and all the jammies!094all in all, a successful birthday!

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